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Our Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Root Servers are developed for the business market. Therefore we offer the most performant and most reliable VPS on the market today. As a member you have access to our support department to obtain professional and fast support.

To meet your customers needs for performance and management, our experts have developed different server products. You can choose for each order between Virtual Servers and Dedicated Root Servers. Different operating systems are available like Debian, CentOS, Ubuntu or Windows Servers.

Our datacenters are strategicly positioned worldwide to provide you with the fastest access from within your region. You have the option to specify the datacenter you wish to use.

Virtual Private Server (VPS)


vpsA virtual private server, also known as VPS offers the perfect balance between shared hosting and dedicated server hosting.  A VPS is a single hardware node split into multiple virtual machines (VPS).
Virtualization technology fully separates each of these VPS from each other. This means each VPS is provisioned with a set of resources (CPU, RAM and Hard Drive space) and each VPS comes with full root access.
Traditionally guaranteed resources and root access only were available with full dedicated servers but our virtualization technology allows us to offer very competitively priced Virtual Private Servers that cost less than a dedicated server.
We offer a choice of virtualization platforms and datacenter locations combined with different operating systems on each of our VPS plans.  


 List of dedicated servers and VPS

 kvm    openvz      xen Virtuozzo

Dedicated (root) servers

Enjoy the full flexibility of services and applications.
Be your own webhost, run your corporate software server, run a game server or any other server. You can adapt the pre-installed OS systems to your own needs.

A Root Server is a server with the following features:

Dedicated hardware
The server is yours to use to its limits. The hardware of the server is exclusively available and configurable by only you.

Root access
Linux dedicated servers come with full root access so you have full access to the operating system, configuration files, drivers, etc to configure the system exactly to your needs just as if the server were already sitting right next to you.

A Large Selection of Operating Systems
From Ubuntu to CentOS, we have a large list of Linux Operating Systems that are available to you, many that come with Parallels Plesk pre-installed at no extra charge! Click here for a full list of Operating Systems currently offered. Check out the Parellels Plesk Demo site here!

A Fully Functional Server
You pay for a working server and a working server you will get! The server will be fully functional when you receive it however things do happen and over time, hardware can fail. In the event of a hardware failure, we will replace these components as quickly as possible and at no charge!

Ease of Use
We provide virtualised dedicated servers with a customer control panel allowing you to log and control every aspect even when the system is not accessible via the network (great for when a mistake is made with the Network Adapter configuration). Here you can reboot the server even if the machine is locked up or no longer responding, manage full image backups and automatic file backups.
Check our product matrix for all possibilties of the different dedicated servers.

List of dedicated servers and VPS

IMPORTANT NOTE : We protect your resources for the customers eyes, so we don't specify our prices and contact details here.
As soon as you are confirmed as an ITXS member, we give you access to our customer portal with complete pricelist and support facilities.
You are in charge of the customer contact and sales : we never contact end customers!
We (ITXS) provide you with cloud infrastructure and support!

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